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Dillon Francis – Money Sucks Friends Rule

We all know who Dillon Francis aka Dj Hanzel aka Treva aka dj Rich As Fuck is by now. He came on to the scene introducing us to the craze we now know as Moombahton. Since then has essentially taken over the EDM/Instagram scene and most of our little cold hearts. 

Down here we have the stream of his new album via Mtv Artists. Pay attention to the features in tracks 3, 5, 6 & 9. Let this slap and witness the purest f pure butter drip from your speakers. Maybe Diplo was right, he might be the biggest thing in music soon enough. Cheers senńor Francis!

Instagram: @dillonfrancis

Preoder Here: Money Sucks Friends Rule

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Jay Ant – Ask YB

Bay kids on the way up, HBK taking over the world. Check the new single from Jay Ant, who is also the tracks producer. Don’t forget to as YB about ‘mayyy!

Twitter: @jayantmusic

Listen to this:

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Caskey – Words

Stambled upon @Caskey after finding his Instagram account. Being skeptical I went to his  SC to take a look at some material. “Words” was the first track I listened to and was immediately impressed.

Slow a capella intro leading into the beat dropping as he starts the 2nd hook.  Hard not to be bob your cranium to this jam when the smooth ascending piano kick in. Stir up the pot and turn up the dolly peoples.

Twitter: @Caskey407